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Member Benefits

Elevate Genetic Gain

  • Integrating all parents and genetic resources from Atlantic Canada, and selection of the best for the next breeding cycle

  • Increased genetic diversity will create more diverse forests and mitigate against pests

  • An AtlanTIC partnership will increase opportunities for external research funding for genomics accelerated breeding, and carbon accounting and analyses

Fight Climate Change

  • Amassing significant genetic resources from four provinces will help respond to new climate and related pest challenges

  • Larger testing zones improves understanding of adaptation

  • Increased research and exploration into adaptation issues through pooled resources

  • Carbon sequestration from increased wood formation will help offset global CO2 emissions

Enhanced Genetic Diversity

  • Combining populations from across Atlantic Canada will create a more genetically diverse population to meet diversity goals

  • Increased genetic diversity will create more diverse forests, mitigate against pests, and reduce inbreeding within populations

Increased Efficiency

  • There is higher efficiency with increased scale and cooperation. Each dollar spent by a member will generate more than $4 of activity

  • Through testing collaboratively, robust regional datasets can be developed while also reducing testing costs by as much as 75% for each province

  • Related breeding and archiving requirements will also be reduced by up to 75%

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